Tomorrow is my last day as a BBC employee after nearly 11 years. Back when I started I was obsessed with 'top 5s' so I've decided to reprise that with my top 5 BBC times! You'll notice they mostly happen abroad.

5) Being on 'Test The Nation'

Remember that quiz that you were meant to play along with at home? Presented by Anne Robinson and Philip Schofield? It was weird eh? Well I was part of the victorious team in the 'spelling and grammar' one. Which will leave me open

to ridicule if there are mistakes in here. We beat a team of ballroom dancers which included Anton du Beke. Can you believe this is only number 5?!

4) July 2008 - T in the Park

Interviewed The Prodigy, R.E.M., Vampire Weekend and many others for BBC Radio Scotland - and went on to marry the producer, which was nice.

3) December 2002, Andy Gray interview

This was my first TV interview for BBC Scotland for the series 'Footballers Lives'. I made him cry, and then he invited his next door neighbour round, who happened to be Tony Iommi out of Black Sabbath.

2) November 2007 - Commonwealth Games announcement, Sri Lanka

In 11 years of covering sport, this was one of very few occasions on which I saw Scotland win! The tv people also missed the announcement so it was one of those days you were very happy to be on the radio.

1) July 2008, presenting 6-LOVE-6 with John McEnroe at Wimbledon

Tim Henman got stuck in traffic so I got to read out the texts and emails on

John McEnroe's tennis phone in. He said my name and stuff. Incredible.



Andy Bradley
06/19/2013 1:31pm

Good luck Annie. Ive just read John McEnroe's memiors and he lists you in his top 5 also!!!!

06/22/2013 1:24am

You're a loss to radio Annie, always totally engaging and no nonsense. I suspect you'll be just fine in your new endeavours, but thank you especially for enlivening many a post football journey.


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